Monday, January 17, 2011

Bank Soal Pro 4.0 | Examination Software For Student

Kumpulan Software Gratis | Bank Soal Pro 4.0 | Bank Soal Pro is a program to train school students ranging from elementary, junior high, high school, vocational, MI, MTS, and an MA in doing practice questions multiple choice.

A examination has been completed can be directly examined the results, from the image below to see value obtained. To view details about that have been answered can be seen in Table that contains the answer, Key, and Description of whether we are Wrong or Right Answer. Wrong answers are colored red, and the answer is true given the color blue.


Natural science
Social sciences

This program is protected by the Copyright. This program may be copied and installed to your computer can anyone who needs child, brother, sister, brother, neighbor, boyfriend, or anyone who still care about our education. The differences that do not register with the register is in Problem solving, which registers can display problem-solving.

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