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Al-Quran in Word 1.3 Full + Multilanguage

Kumpulan Software Gratis | Al-Quran in Word 1.3 Full + Multilanguage | I am sure many know the Add-Ins which I think you must have this. Yes, Al-Quran in Word 1.3 will help you in writing the Qur'anic verses and their means as well with further information (if any). Suitable for students and mentors (teachers) who want to write verses of the Quran is fast, accurate, and complete with a translation. Can be installed in Office Word 2003, 2007, and 2010.

Al-Quran In Word is an application program that allows you to insert the verses of the Quran and translations in Indonesian language into your document. If you are using Microsoft Office Word 2007 then use the Quran In Word 1.3, and if you do not have the software be downloaded below. And if you also do not know how its use please follow the steps below:

1. Install first the Quran In Word 1.3 had you download before
2. After installation is complete, please open Microsoft Office Word 2007, will appear a new menu tab with the name of the Add-Ins as shown in the picture below:

2. Click on the Quran on the Menu Add-Ins tab, then you will see several options:
- Get-Arabic Translation: To insert a verse of the Quran complete with Indonesian language translation
- Get Arabic: To insert a verse of the Quran alone.
- Get Translation: To insert a translation of Indonesian language only.
- Automatic Replace: To replace it automatically.
- About: To view the Version and Author of Al-Quran In Word

in this example we Choose Get-Arabic Translation, will appear a dialog box as follows:

- Select the letter that you want to paste
- Choose a verse also how to how the letter will be displayed.
- Choose a font size that will be used
- Tick Indonesia in Translation
- Click OK, will appear as follows

Password : 

Title Post: Al-Quran in Word 1.3 Full + Multilanguage
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Author: Alvicom Smith

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Muhammad ali said...

MashaAllah a really nice software. JazakAllah brother. Holy Quran is also available in jpgs format in this website.


mantap gan

kumpulan software gratis said...

oke fikshare thanks telah berkunjung

Anonymous said...

bos pas udah slesai instal keyboard ku yang tut (@) tertukar sama (") knapa ya.klo tekan @jadi "
klo " jadi @

kumpulan software gratis said...

Wah kejadian kayak gini ane baru tau mas, jadi belum bisa kasih solusi. Coba di uninstal balik lagi gak.

Anonymous said...

ok mas saya sudah instal quran wordnya sukses stelah saya pakai win 8 dari sini ok bngt makasih.window 8 suport nya bagus.saat tut yang tertukar itu mas dua kali instal window yang sama hasilnya sama masih ketuker.antara @ sama" ganti win 8 sukses.

Anonymous said...

soo yang mau win8 yang baik dan terlindungi pilih win 8 is very good thank`s good bless u

kumpulan software gratis said...

oke makasih reviewnya, sangat membantu teman-teman yang lain.


pahala melimpah dunia akhirat.amin



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