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SRS Audio Essentials Full + Patch

Kumpulan Software Gratis | SRS Audio Essentials Full + Patch | SRS Audio Essentials is a software that allows you to control to get the desired sound quality.
SRS Audio Essentials With this you can set up the 3D surround sound for movies, music and games and customized with a choice of headphones, speakers or an external or internal notebook speakers.
SRS Audio Essentials puts you in control of your audio entertainment experience on the PC. Compatible with virtually all PC-based media players, including Windows Media Player and iTunes, Audio Essentials delivers a thrilling and immersive 3D surround sound experience for movies, music and games. Use the preset options for headphones, external or internal notebook speakers speakrs or take control and use the intuitive "advanced settings" panel to customize the experience for your ears only.

The next generation of SRS audio software has arrived - SRS Audio Essentials ™! Audio Essentials That is downloadable software delivers home theater quality sound to any PC.

SRS Audio Essentials is fully customizable and works with all PC-based media players and content service providers to bring surround sound to anything you watch or listen to on your media player, like music, movies, podcasts, games and even streaming content.

Intuitive User Interface - Advanced AV receivers look and feel
Music, Movie and Game Modes
Maximum Bass Response
Immersive Surround Sound
Volume Leveling and volume maximization
This Audio Essential Really Make a big difference with the sound quality coming from my speakers. The speakers I have are quite old - I have been using Them for about 7 years and I ran Audio Essentials Pls They sound incredible. I do not understand why every manufacturer does this with Their computer included. When I watch streaming movies from Netflix or upstream this really takes the sounds and music to another level. I really enjoy listening to my music and watching movies on my computer. ALMOST to the point I would rather watch Them with this great sound on my tv then. Spend the money and the make this a must buy as you Will not regret purchasing this software.
Key Features :

Natural, HD-quality audio playback
Three-dimensional surround sound
Heart Pounding bass
Crystal clear vocals
Steady volume eliminates spikes
Sleek and intuitive interface
Personalized settings and complete control
Compatible with popular media players
Works with music, movies, games and much more

System Requirements

Windows Vista SP1 / 7 (32bit or 64bit), Windows XP SP3 (limited 5.1 support)
Intel Pentium 4 3.0Ghz / AMD Athlon 3200 + (A dual core CPU is recommended)
1GB System RAM (2GB is recommended for Windows Vista or higher)
60MB Hard Disk Space (Up to 500MB can be used with Microsoft. NET 3.5 Framework installation)
DirectX 9.0c capable video card with 128MB VRAM
PCI or PCI Express Soundcard

Password :
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