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XPOS - Xpress Point Of Sale 1.5 Full + Keygen

Kumpulan Software Gratis | XPOS - Xpress Point Of Sale 1.5 Full + Keygen | Has anybody ever heard XPOS? Maybe some already knows. For those who do not know, XPOS or POS Xpress 1.5 Enterprise Edition Full + Keygen This is a software counter. Where with this XPOS you can make cash register data from the stock of goods, prices of goods, and matters relating to the other cashier. Suitable for those of you who want to have a business that requires software checkout.
Xpress Point Of Sale is an application to handle data processing of purchase transactions (Purchases), retail sales transactions (retails), the transaction debt (liabilities), purchase return transactions (purchase returns), and transaction reporting (reporting) that are generally needed in making important strategic decisions by entrepreneurs retail stores.

Applications can be used by more than one user where each user (users) have different access rights so that data privacy can be guaranteed according to their level / levels of users.
Applications can be used by more than one computer simultaneously. This is very helpful if the number of transaction very much or Owner wants to access applications from different computers in another room.

XPOS application has support for the use of barcode scanners for easy penginputan item at the time of the sale.

If your computer is exposed to the virus, or faulty hardware so it needs to reinstall, then we will give a new license without re-worn again the register fee.

There is already the newest version XPOS 2.1, but because there is no valid keygen so I share that version 1.5 first. But for those who want to try XPOS 2.1 please download below. But I suggest to install XPOS 1.5 Full Version first and then superimposed with XPOS 2.1. Later will look like 2.1 even though version 1.5 is written there

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Download XPOS - Xpress Point Of Sale 1.5 Full + Keygen
Download XPOS - Xpress Point Of Sale 2.1

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