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Iolo System Mechanic Professional 10.5 Full + Activator

Kumpulan Software Gratis | Iolo System Mechanic Professional 10.5 Full + Activator | Iolo System Mechanic Professional 5.10 with Activator is basically a Utilities software designed to optimize your PC. But iolo System Mechanic Professional 5.10 Full + Activator is not just any Utilities, because in it there are features SystemShield, AntiVirus, AntiMalware, AntiSpyware and Firewall as well. No wonder if the software is included in the big 3 in TopTenReview The Best Utilities.
Wanting to protect our computers comes naturally to us as we want to protect our children. Well ... maybe it's not as Important as that (although some people may argue That hypothesis).

But our computer is now the place where we store our entire personality Basically, and if someone or something tries to interfere with it, that's when it Becomes personal.

We just have to take the Appropriate measures and the make sure our computer can block and disarm any online Suspicious activity.

Such an effective tool against threats is System Mechanic Professional.

The full installation package includes the base components, as well as Search and Recover, DriveScrubber, and System Shield AntiVirus & AntiSpyware.

Before proceeding, make sure to uninstall any current antivirus software, as the two different applications may clash.

The interface is easy to work with. On the left side you can select the Dashboard, ActiveCare, Internet Security, Toolbox, and Reports.

The Dashboard contains an overview on your entire operating system (which will be active after you perform an analysis), and any problems encountered.

ActiveCare performs automatic tasks, Such as cleaning up the system excessive clutter, repairing registry problems, optimizing the startup configuration, or backing up the registry.

The Internet Security section acts like an anti-malware and firewall, while Toolbox contains tools Such as PC Accelerator, PC Repair, PC Cleanup, and PC Security.

Reports show the IntelliStatus (information about hard drive space, system memory, startup programs, running programs, and internet speed), and history.

System Mechanic Professional comes with a lot of features, and this can be seen in the Cleary CPU and memory usage. A full scanning requires a lot of time, and we could not even set this software apart from others (except for its many features).

This application is ideal for advanced users like WHO to take care of every aspect of Their computer's security, but other more powerful ones are better recommended for this job.

System Mechanic Professional is five complete products in one integrated package: everything you need to keep your PC safe, fast, and error-free

Fix problems, boost performance, Eliminate crashes, defend against spyware, viruses, and hacker threats, and much more. Use one centralized system dashboard to automatically perform all vital PC maintenance

More than just Internet security, System Mechanic 8 Professional is a complete solution for PC protection, system optimization, and trouble-free maintenance.

You need more than just security software to keep your PC running right. Without regular internal maintenance even the best protected PC will of Suffer problems and eventually grind to a halt. System Mechanic 7 Professional contains all of the tools you need to defend against threats, and also keep your PC running smooth, fast, and healthy from the inside out.

Trusted by Millions worldwide, System Mechanic Professional sets a new standard for total PC security and optimization in one integrated package.

5 Products in One

5 award-winning products from iolo give you the ultimate combination of Internet security and PC optimization in one package.

System Mechanic
Keep your PC running like new - fix problems, boost performance, Eliminate crashes, defend against spyware threats, and much more. Its one-click power tools automatically perform vital services by diagnosing, reporting, and resolving computer problems and performance issues.
· Optimize your PC for peak performance.
· Repair problems and errors, and Prevent them from re-occurring.
· Clean up system clutter.
· Remove spyware and fix security vulnerability flaws.
· Maintain reliability and speed.

iolo AntiVirus
Shield your PC from viruses, worms, trojans, and other threats by using an advanced real-time engine provides continuous maximum protection That. Fully integrated email protection scans messages as They are transmitted, and an intuitive interface makes it easy to activate scheduled system inspections for a Permanently virus-free PC.
· Real-time detection and removal of viruses and other PC threats.
· Scans and disinfects email, attachments, and other files.
· Hourly virus updates give you the latest protection.

iolo Personal Firewall
Block unwanted communication to and from your PC, keeping your private information safe from hackers and identity thieves. The proprietary IntelliDefense system takes out the guesswork by automatically Deciding the which programs should connect to the Internet. Now you can work or play without the hassle of being constantly prompted to monitor your PC's traffic.
· Block hackers, Internet Intruders, and other unwanted communication to and from your PC.
· IntelliDefense technology provides advanced protection without annoying prompts communication program.

Search and Recover 4
Recover deleted files, photos, movies, email, and more, from any drive, disc, camera, music player, or memory card. Proprietary StrongScan and SmartScan technologies allow you to recover information after the worst PC accidents and disasters · · · even years after the data was lost.
· Rescue deleted files, photos, email, and more from any drive or device.
· Optimized interface and one-click operations make-recovery fast and effective.
· Proprietary search technology finds deleted data That other products miss.

DriveScrubber 3
Prevent your valuable information from falling into the wrong hands by overwriting and removing all data Permanently, beyond anyone's ability to recover it. In Addition to wiping away all data, DriveScrubber can regularly wipe only deleted data, keeping the existing files and operating system intact
· Permanently wipe sensitive data before selling, donating, or recycling your PC.
· Restore your drives to like new after virus or spyware damage.
· Meets and exceeds U.S. Department of Defense disk-sanitizing standard.

Key Feature:

World-Class Internet Security:
· Block spyware and other dangerous software
· Shield your PC from viruses, worms, and trojans
· Defend against hackers and identity thieves
· Prevent unauthorized access and remote attacks
· Repair dangerous Windows security vulnerabilities

Total PC Optimization, Repair and Maintenance:
· Complete one-click repair, acceleration, and cleanup
· Streamline Windows by removing system and Internet clutter
· Fix annoying errors and Prevent Them in the Future
· Increase system and Internet performance up to 300%
· Optimize settings for maximum speed and stability
· Automatic care provides hassle-free ongoing maintenance


· CD or DVD drive (for CD installation)
· 256 MB of RAM
· 60 MB of available hard disk space
· Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

Well, for the activation mode confusion, here's a little tutorial.
How To Activate System Mechanic Pro

Turn off the "iolo System Shield", and how:
a. Right-click the tray icon right corner under "iolo System Shield"
b. Select the 'Configure System Shield'
c. Eliminate Checklist on 'Enable Real-Time Protection'
d. Close the Program
Turn off / Disable your Antivirus as well.
Disconnect from the Internet first (Offline)

Extract the "Activator" - Then Run the SMP-Activator.exe
Run the "SMP-Activator.exe"
a. Check the 'Reset License Information
b. Check the 'Subsribe offline for ....'
Checklist in the "Expires On"
* Set the date on which your license will expire
* Arrange for as long as you want. For example, until 2015.
Click the "Select Target Component" - Select "SysMech.exe" in the Installation Folder
Then the Activator choose "Fake Keymaker"
And on the System Mechanic choose "Enter License Information"
Keymaker Serial Copy on the System Mechanic Pro - OK
Done - Do one thing to make it more stable (not necessarily)
* Restart PC - Run the SMP-Activator - Click "Online Patch Check"
Password :

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Anonymous said...

Gan mohon pencerahan,activatornya ga bisa dgunakan karena tidak bisa menembus system registry,

Anonymous said...

Gan mohon pencerahan,activatornya ga bisa dgunakan karena tidak bisa menembus system registry,

kumpulan software gratis said...

Apakah sudah benar mengikuti langkah-langkah ini:
Matikan "iolo System Shield", caranya :
a. Klik kanan tray icon dipojok kanan bawah "iolo System Shield"
b. Pilih 'Configure System Shield'
c. Hilangkan Ceklist pada 'Enable Real-Time Protection'
d. Tutup Program
Matikan / Disable juga Antivirus Anda.
Disconnect terlebih dahulu dari Internet (Offline)
Ekstraklah "Activator" - Lalu Jalankan SMP-Activator.exe
Jalankan "SMP-Activator.exe"
a. Ceklist 'Reset License Information
b. Ceklist 'Subsribe offline for....'
Ceklist pada bagian "Expires On"
* Atur tanggal dimana lisensi anda akan habis
* Atur selama mungkin anda mau. Misalnya sampai tahun 2015.
Klik "Select Target Component" - Pilih "SysMech.exe" pada Folder Instalasi
Lalu pada Activator pilih "Fake Keymaker"
Dan pada System Mechanic pilih "Enter License Information"
Copy Serial pada Keymaker ke System Mechanic Pro - OK
Selesai - Lakukan satu hal lagi agar lebih mantap (tidak harus)
* Restart PC - Jalankan SMP-Activator - Klik "Patch Online Check"

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