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Sky Force Reloaded For PC Full + Crack

Kumpulan Software Gratis | Sky Force Reloaded For PC Full + Crack | Anyone know games Sky Force Reloaded?
This game is one of the favorite games on mobile phones, but for now I will share its PC version, Sky Force Reloaded For PC.

Sky Force from Infinite Dreams is an ultimate classic arcade shooter, with 3d interactive objects, outstanding graphics, special effects, soundtrack and 100% of pure gameplay. See how to push the limits of your Series60 phone to the maximum. 7 amazingly pixeled levels, tons of Enemies to shoot and good old Earth to save. The game is based on hybrid 2D/3D graphics, ideally suited for mobile segment. 2D backgrounds are mixed with fully textured 3D objects. The game includes 7 stages each one is ended with big boss.

Key Features:

A. Gameplay
Addictive gameplay perfectly suited for mobile segment. Based on proven classic "shoot'em up" idea.
- 7 large levels,
- 4 big bosses,
- Plenty of Enemies,
- Interactive environment elements,
- Upgradable unique weapons,
- Dynamic weather (rain, clouds, wind),
- Ranking system.

Amazing graphics and visual effects Including:
- Textured 3d elements,
- Plenty of blended sprites,
- Destructable 3d objects,
- Huge transparent explosions,
- Shadows,
- Advanced particle system (fire, water, smoke, sparks).

3. AUDIO SYSTEM Multichannel
Multichannel audio system with high quality original soundtrack and plenty of ingame sound effects.

Three levels of difficulty for hardcore-gamers and rookies!

5. highscores
Possibility of entering and saving highscores
(separate for each difficulty level).
His little game, but still fun to play. Very well suited when played on a netbook.

Sky Force Reloaded way of registration:

Finished downloading, extract all the files in the folder SkyForce Reloaded.
Remember, just copy its files. From the file "data.pak" to "uninstall.exe". SkyForce Reloaded folder does not have to participate in the copy!
Next, paste the files you have copied to C: \ Windows.
Create a shortcut to the desktop.
Done, now we can play without needing to register.


Title Post: Sky Force Reloaded For PC Full + Crack
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Anonymous said...

gan cara nya gimana nih....? minta registrasi gan....

kumpulan software gratis said...

Cara registrasi Sky Force Reloaded :

Selesai download, ekstrak semua file yang ada di dalam folder SkyForce Reloaded. Ingat, copy file nya aja. Dari file "data.pak" hingga "uninstall.exe". Folder SkyForce Reloaded tidak usah ikut di copy!!
Selanjutnya, paste file yang sudah di copy tadi ke C:\Windows.
Buat shortcut ke desktop.
Selesai, kini kita bisa main tanpa perlu registrasi.

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