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Disktrix Ultimate Defrag 4.0 Full + Keygen

Disktrix Ultimate Defrag 4.0 Full + Keygen
Kumpulan Software Gratis | Disktrix Ultimate Defrag 4.0 Full + Keygen | Disktrix Ultimate Defrag 4.0 Full + Keygen is a software that will help you to Defragment the hard drive. Disktrix Ultimate Defrag 4.0 Full + Keygen has a feature that is quite comprehensive, ranging from the schedule, optimum performance, auto defrag, frag protect, and many more that would be useful for medical purposes Defragment the hard drive bay in particular.
UltimateDefrag is a disk defragmenter That sports many more features That the standard Windows utility, promising to restore the hard disk performance fast and easy.

There is nothing too complicated about the application but in case you find it difficult,, there's always the rich help manual comes with detailed descriptions That of every single feature bundled into UltimateDefrag.

The application boasts almost all the utilities you normally expect from this kind of tool, Including multiple modes and a rich defragmention screen settings.

The interface also presents a detailed graph showing defragmentation level, letting you know exactly what is happening with a selected hard disk.

Defrag There are six modes, as it follows: fragmented files only, Consolidate, folder / file name, recency, volatility and auto. Each of these options take a while, so the make sure you have the time before initiating a new defrag.

While performing a user-defined defragmentation, UltimateDefrag shows file count, contiguous files, fragmented files, number of fragments, degree of defragmentation and estimated time remaining. There's always the option to stop the process, but also a dedicated setting to choose the maximum resource usage.
Disktrix Ultimate Defrag 4.0 Full + Keygen

Disktrix Ultimate Defrag 4.0 Full + Keygen
Because yes, UltimateDefrag takes most of your CPU and RAM, so the make sure to close the other apps before launching a new defrag.

In Addition, the application comprises a dedicated tool to schedule a defrag, but also to perform a quick test and determine disk speed. It all takes just a few minutes, but once again you must close all the running processes to get the best possible results.

Overall, UltimateDefrag defrag is an excellent tool and since it comes with a reasonable price, it really deserves a chance.

If you run large resource-consuming games, simulations and applications, UltimateDefrag Gives you the capability to place the files associated with these applications in the position on your hard drive That will give you the best performance possible.

UltimateDefrag is the Ultimate defragger and File Placement Optimizer. Defragging hard drives helps to restore your hard drive performance. File placement optimizing on the other hand, boosts your theoretical hard drive file access performance by up to 300% of manufacturers quoted averages (typical performance increase of'll experience is Between 25 and 100%) by placing the files you want performance from onto the faster performing (outer tracks) areas of your hard drive.

With UltimateDefrag - you can specify the which individual files, programs or games you want the best performance from. The "Archive" function places all of your unused files out of the way and onto the slower performing areas of your hard drive.

UltimateDefrag is the world's most powerful defragger in terms of the file placement flexibility it Gives you for defragging and Strategically placing files on your hard drive - right down to the individual file level.

UltimateDefrag is not just a defragger. Regular defraggers are a dime a dozen. UltimateDefrag instead is a hard drive file placement optimizer That offers you much more power, flexibility and end performance than any other defragger available on the market today. Boost your PC's performance with UltimateDefrag!
Disktrix Ultimate Defrag 4.0 Full + Keygen

Disktrix Ultimate Defrag 4.0 Full + Keygen
Key Feature:

· Achieve Optimum Performance Hard Drive File Access That Results In A Much More Responsive PC
· Strategic File Placement Gives You Complete Control Over Which Files And Programs You Want Increased Performance From
· Place Unused Data (Such as ZIP Files and unused Windows files) Out Of The Way
· Place Directories In The Optimum Position For Superior Performance
· Defrag with as little as 1% FREE space
· Enjoy fast 2 to 3 minute complete defrags
· Choose From 6 Powerful Defrag Methods With Over 55 Defrag Option Combinations
· Make Full Drives Perform Almost Like they've Been Newly Formatted
· You No Longer Need To Consider Partitioning - UltimateDefrag Is Like Partitioning-Kind Of On-The-Fly!
· Defrag Individual Files and Folders with the click of a mouse.
· Wildcard File Selection
· Defrag Algorithm Fastest out there - with inplace file defragging and more. Only fragments moves.
· The First Complete "DISK" Metaphor In Any defragger
· Say Goodbye To "Hard Drive Fatigue" Forever!
· More Than Just A defragger - It's Also a File Placement Optimizer
· Nothing "Black Box" about this - you have total control over the which files go where
· Flexible Scheduling lets you defrag while your away from your computer
· All This In An Incredibly Powerful Program That's Less Than 2 Mb In Size!


· Hard Drive - Internal or External with NTFS or FAT32 File System
· 9 Mb Free Disk Space
· 3D Graphics Accelerator Card for best performance of disk GUI
Disktrix Ultimate Defrag 4.0 Full + Keygen

Disktrix Ultimate Defrag 4.0 Full + Keygen
What's new in UltimateDefrag
June 8th, 2012

Novice Mode / Expert Mode:
· Right out of the box, UltimateDefrag4 now supports two types of users. Simple Mode is for users WHO do not need or want to Manipulate all the advanced functions. Simple Mode requires the user to simply press start and UltimateDefrag will automatically, intelligently and optimally defragment your hard drive and layout files simgle According to the most advanced file placement algorithm developed at DiskTrix. Of course, for users wanting all the advanced features, Expert Mode Gives them all to you so you can tweak your file placement and performance to your heart's content.

Ability To Accelerate Applications Based Upon Specific Application Name:
· Version 4 now scans your system for all installed applications and enables you to easily choose the which you wish to Accelerate applications based upon the application name from an easy-to-use list of all installed applications.

Many Additional Ways To Select Files For High Performance and Archive:
· We've included more custom methods for selecting files based upon your file usage patterns.

Ability To Perform File Usage Database Maintenance Operations:
· In order to conserve memory, you can now purge the file usage database for each drive. You can also choose whether or not you wish to use the database file usage in order to further conserve memory.

Actions After Defrag Is Complete:
· You can now enable to the program to shutdown your PC or put it to sleep mode after a defrag run is complete.

· Logging And Indicators For When Was Last Drive defragmented.

Many Enhancements And Other Minor Bug Fixes:
· We've drilled right down into the code to correct any minor bugs as well as enhance and improv algorithms and performance.

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